Single Photographs

This section is inspired by the “16 Questions about 1 Photo” section on the flickr blog. See e.g. Reflections on Badwater Basin by Jeff Sullivan for reference. Here you will find single photographs that I took over the years that have a special meaning for me. Hence, I want to share them in a dedicated space.

For each photograph I will add the following information:

  • Why I selected the photo or why it is important to me
  • A one sentence description of what was captured in the shot
  • How I would describe the style of photography of this photo
  • when and where was this photo taken
  • Who was with me when I took this photo
  • What equipment I used
  • What drew me to take this photo
  • How many attempts did it take me to get this photo
  • How I edited this photo
  • What I learned, if anything, in the process of making this photo