About The Nerd Photographer

I started taking pictures in 1996 when I got my first “real” camera, which was a Nikon F301 at that time. I got stuck with some compact digital cams in between (which where mostly Canon) and then switched to DSLR – and Canon completely. Learned a lot with my 450D/550D but moved to full frame some years ago with the Canon 6D.

Currently I am taking pictures with my Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless.
And then there is the latest addition – my “always with me” camera, a Leica. It quite literally changed the way I see abd I started off with a used Leica Q and recently was lucky enough to get my hands on a Leica Q3.

I’m am interested in nature, urban and macro photography and I like to work with open source image processing, including hugin, Luminance/qtpfsgui and of course the Gimp. Recently added some more tools to the zoo.