Mauritius Island

Mauritius is an island nation. So, technically you are visiting a paradise island and you can cross off another “country visited” from your bucket list. The island is located off the southeast coast of the African continent, right in the Indian Ocean. It is very beautiful. But as with most paradise islands there is more to it than just the paradise. Let me explain. … Continue readingMauritius Island

Plitvice Lakes: Do go chasing waterfalls.

The extended possibilities you get by using an ND filter as a photographer have been discussed on the web intensively and I don’t want to add anything to that. Basically, whenever you need a slower shutter speed in bright daylight: You need a filter. The wikipedia page even mentions the “wish to photograph a waterfall” as example for using an ND filter. And I had that wish: To take pictures of waterfalls. So I actually went chasing waterfalls (in contrast to what TLC suggests). … Continue readingPlitvice Lakes: Do go chasing waterfalls.