Tamarin Fall View

Tamarin Fall View

Why I selected this photo

This was my first long distance trip after COVID and the scene was just so absolutely beautiful – almost stereotypically beautiful. It felt good to know that places like this actually still exist on earth.

A one sentence description

First of the Tamarin Falls in Mauritius with an actual swimming pond.

How I would describe the style

Realistic light and tones to not mess with the natural beauty.

When & where was this taken

This was taken in October 2022 on Mauritius island next to the Tamarin waterfalls.

Who was with me when I took the photo

My girlfriend was with me and we both took a swim after this shot.

What equipment did I use

This was shot with my Canon EOSR and the RF15-35mm F2.8 L IS USM.

What drew me to take this photo

We were hiking for maybe 45min through the bushes that almost felt like a jungle to me when we saw the waterfall for the first time from right underneath it with the pond. It felt so surreal and beautiful that I just had to take the shot.

How many attempts did it take me

For this shot probably 5-10 attempts. I really wanted to have the waterfall and the pond on one picture and had to experiment a little with the right perspective.

How did I edit this photo

Not so much editing, I mainly had to pull back the highlights in the sky to make the composition complete.

What I learned in the process of making this photo

That stereotypical beauty like this exists and that ponds of waterfalls are not only very slippery but also rather cold.

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