Fujisan Out Of Class

Fujisan out of class

Why I selected this photo

This is one of the first real photos that I ever took. I shot it out of my classroom at the time and you can see Mount Fuji in the background. It is not sharp, but this year abroad had a lot of influence on me and my life. A very personal photo with lots of memories connected to it.

A one sentence description

View from a Japanese classroom with Enoshima island and Mount Fuji in the background.

How I would describe the style

Analog beginner.

When & where was this taken

I took this photo back in 1996 at the Shichirigahama Koko High School in Japan.

Who was with me when I took the photo

More or less all my classmates were with me, this was right before the class started.

What equipment did I use

This was shot with an old Nikon F301 and I think I had a Tamron 28-80mm with me.

What drew me to take this photo

The fact that I could see Mount Fuji from my classroom was amazing. It is one of the most iconic sights in Japan and maybe even in the world and of course I had seen photos of Mount Fuji before. But there I was, sitting in the classroom with Fujisan in sight. You couldn’t see him every day, but with good weather conditions – fantastic. It feels almost surreal from today’s perspective.

How many attempts did it take me

One. This was still the film days…

How did I edit this photo

This is a scan I did some years ago with almost no editing, just some brightness and contrast.

What I learned in the process of making this photo

I learned so much during my stay in Japan about the country, the world around me and myself. But one important thing I discovered was my interest in photography.