Photo URLs

There are many websites around that deal with photography, some more technical than others. This is just a random collection of websites that I found interesting.

Magazines & Galleries

LFI Leica Master Shots

Social Documentary Network


Tools & Tech

The Gimp


Luminance HDR (formerly known as qtpfsgui)



Magic Lantern


Atlas Obscura


Tom Hegen
Encounter: Met him on a photo exhibition in Munich, Germany.
“Earth’s surface that has been transformed by the impact of human presence”

Nomi Baumgartl & Sven Nieder
Encounter: “Stella Polaris”, an artistic & spiritual perspective on climate change in the far northern reaches.
Stella Polaris Project

Vincent Laforet
Encounter: “Project Air”, high-altitude nighttime aerial photos of cities.

Chase Jarvis
Encounter: Youtube.

Dmitry Kokh
Encounter: “House of Bears“: Polar Bears that took over an abandoned house in the most Eastern part of Russian Arctic.

Creating & Printing

White Wall


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