Münchner Hell

Münchner Hell

Why I selected this photo

This is one of my favourite photos I’ve taken during the Corona lockdown in Munich. It was also selected as a Leica Master Shot. It describes the sorrow of the situation while still containing some kind of regular life.

A one sentence description

A beer to go that was left behind at a closed Biergarten during Corona lockdown with the famous Olympic roof in the background.

How I would describe the style

Lockdown shadow and light in color.

When & where was this taken

This was taken in February 2021 in the midst of the Corona lockdown in the Olympic park in Munich, Germany.

Who was with me when I took the photo


What equipment did I use

This was shot with my former Leica Q.

What drew me to take this photo

The shadow in front from the famous Olympic roof caught my eye. While looking through the viewfinder I realised that there was a bottle of beer left behind, which actually gave the name for the photo.

How many attempts did it take me

This composition probably 3 or 4 attempts.

How did I edit this photo

Very little editing, I only turned down the colours a little with Adobe Lightroom.

What I learned in the process of making this photo

Everything was somehow slowed down during that time and so was my photography. I learned how to re-discover & re-shoot some locations that I have been before – a thousand times probably – and also how to re-enjoy. The locations as well as going outside to shoot.

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