Guten Morgen, Welt!

Guten Morgen, Welt!

Why I selected this photo

This is my favourite shot from my first ever night hike in September 2020. I selected it because I just love the scene and because it was such a great experience actually getting the shot. And did I mention the pain?

A one sentence description

Looking east from the 1790m peak of the Heimgarten in Bavaria – just before sunrise.

How I would describe the style

Glorious moody morning mountains.

When & where was this taken

This was taken in September of 2020 at the Heimgarten peak (1790m) in Bavaria, Germany.

Who was with me when I took the photo

I did the hike with my girlfriend and we actually had a few minutes all alone at the top.

What equipment did I use

This was shot handheld with my Canon EOS R with the RF24-105mm F4 L IS USM.

What drew me to take this photo

The light just before sunset and having reached the peak in time. Even though I was very tired, I could not stop shooting. It really made up for the tough hike up the mountain in darkness, incl. getting up at 01:00h and starting to hike up the 1790m peak of the Heimgarten at 03:00h. But then I was greeted with the sun, mountains and light like this.

How many attempts did it take me

This particular composition took me a few tries. I had to wait a little for the light, so I would say maybe around 10-15 attempts.

How did I edit this photo

Very carefully in Adobe Lightroom. I really wanted to give it some warmth, but with this kind of light it was a very easy and minimal edit. Some contrast and tweaking the whites. That’s it.

What I learned in the process of making this photo

The rewarding feeling reaching the peak of a mountain is always fantastic. But after a night hike with the sun coming up and light like this is something else. Not only for a photographer.

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