The Cow Influencer

The Cow Influencer

Why I selected this photo

It is one of my favourite photos I’ve ever taken and additionally it was selected as a Leica Master Shot. The scene was somehow quite bizarre with cows running around and walking into the lake.

A one sentence description

A cow in front of a boathouse with its front hooves in the water.

How I would describe the style

Realistic and muffled tones.

When & where was this taken

This was taken in 2022 at the Obersee, which is a smaller lake at the southern tip of the Königssee in Germany.

Who was with me when I took the photo

My girlfriend was with me – it was her first trip to the Königssee. And some other photographers that almost ruined the shot because they were running onto the small wooden jetty.

What equipment did I use

This was shot with my former Leica Q.

What drew me to take this photo

Well, taking photos at the lake was the reason for the trip. But when I arrived early in the morning after a ~30min boat ride across the Königssee, many cows were walking around on and next to the hiking trail. The boathouse is more or less the first thing you see of the lake and it is famous among instagram influencers and photographers alike. And one cow seemed to mock the photos usually taken by influencers, so I had to take the shot.

How many attempts did it take me

One. There was not much time because of other photographers running around like crazy and the cow already started to get out of the water again. We actually only stayed like 2min at the spot and then went off to get to the other side of the lake before everyone else.

How did I edit this photo

I only edited with Lightroom and basically just added some contrast to the sky and the cow.

What I learned in the process of making this photo

I never knew that the cows would run around during the night at the lake. And I didn’t know they mock influencers.

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