Look closely at Zhang Wei’s portrait
of Michael Jackson and you’ll see something isn’t quite right. The eyes are
wrong, the lips are a bit thin, the hair too straight. But it isn’t the King of
Pop you’re seeing. It’s a clever composite of photos of his Chinese fans.

The image is among the 72 portraits in
, Wei’s sharp commentary on the influence of Western pop
culture on China. Wei assembles each collage using the facial
features of 20 to 30 ordinary Chinese citizens.

who lives in Beijing, has pondered China’s changing cultural identity
for awhile. Today you can hear Taylor Swift and Katy Perry songs blaring
out of every Starbucks, and see American films in every theater.

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Mesmerizing Symmetrical Vertical Pictures of Landscapes

Photographer Pamela Chemla is behind an atypical Tumblr in which she show the nature’s curiosities. In vertical photographs she captures landscapes that reflect in the mirror of lake water, playing with symmetry. Artist offers a mesmerizing result that disturbs the viewer’s eye.


Gold Fireflies Dance Through Japanese Enchanted Forest

Digital Photo Blog captured these stunning images of gold fireflies during Japan’s rainy season in June and July. A dazzling long-exposure effort, the fireflies resemble a chimerical glittery effect only seen by fairies in enchanted forests.

This is incredible! Enjoy!


Artist Ellie Davies Spent 7 Years Turning UK Forests Into Magical Art Pieces

U.K. artist Ellie Davies spent seven years in the forest composing a series of different subjects, where she utilized nature’s organic tools to create surreal art installations. Eerie and beautiful in appearance, fragments of glitter and fabric seem to be suspended in the air. Their surreal appearance defy the laws of gravity; magic exists.

Enchanting in appearance Davies’ work is a meditation on humanity’s perspective on nature. Often seem as spell-binding, the artist emphasizes the forest’s symbol for fantasy and folklore. She admits:

“The forest represents the confluence of nature, culture, and human activity. Forests are potent symbols in folklore, fairy tale and myth, places of enchantment and magic as well as of danger and mystery.  In more recent history they have come to be associated with psychological states relating to the unconscious. Against this backdrop my work explores the ways in which identity is formed by the landscapes we live and grow up in.”