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Photo Topic: Night Shots

One thing I really want to do (some day) is night shots. I am not talking about going out at night and shoot stuff (done that) but about night scapes. You can find a lot of examples on e.g. vimeo using this keyword, one of my favorite ones was done by Daniella Sibbing (and Marsel van Oosten).

Namibian Nights from Squiver on Vimeo.

I have been to Namibia before but have not yet managed to take shots like that. Another artist that I have found is Royce Bair. He does stunning night photos and is also maintaining a blog where he shares his experience. You should check out his NightScapes set on flickr.

Things you should consider when you too want to do something like this: A tripod, wide angle lens and a camera with reasonable noise performance and a location far away from other “light sources” (aka cities) is a must. Everything else is, as usual, learning by doing…