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Talking about Panorama

I like to take panoramic pictures, as you may have noticed, from time to time. Anybody who is doing that knows how tricky it can get to actually stitch the final image. So, if you are into panoramic photos you should check out the gigapixel shots from Yosemite under www.yosemite-17-gigapixels.com. You can find stunning shots from different landmarks of the park, e.g. Yosemite Falls or Taft Point. They have also uploaded some of the images to flickr. I do have to mention that the technology that they have used to present the stunning images online is not great – silverlight crap – BUT the technology for stitching the images is autopano, which should sound familiar to hugin users. They do sell a pro version of autopano that will work under Linux and Mac and looks pretty nice. So if you want to get serious with panoramic (gigapixel) shots you should check out the store over at www.kolor.com.

Some additional infos: