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Magic of flickr

There has been a lot of talk about the new flickr (techcrunchgizmodowiredtheverge) – and especially about the “magic view” feature that will automatically tag your photos with categories like landscape or architecture. I love it! For me it is funny because when I started using flickr it was as part of a project at the university and flickr was one example for meta data for online images (via tagging which was sort of hip and new at the time). It’s nice to see how far they have come.

What I seem not to be able to understand is that people are, well, surprised that this new feature does not work 100% on all images. Yeah, SURPRISE! Some are even saying flickr has created an “insensitive monster” because images where tagged with “ape” that did not show any apes.
First of all: There is no such thing as a perfectly working 100%-automatically-doing-the-stuff-you-don-not-want-to-do thingy. And secondly: You can remove false/improper or whatever tags from your photos. By hand that is. Does that make the auto-tagging feature (aka. magic view) pointless? No, I don’t think so. It works really good and if you are not willing to put some work into your photos that you want to post online, you might rethink using flickr (or any other photo sharing website) in the first place. And I also have some “false positives”, see:

And technically snakes and cats are part of the food chain and we are all apes, so well done flickr! Enjoy!