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BIRON in the kitchen

BIRON in the kitchen on Flickr.

Since today is my last day at the university where I’ve been working with robots for the last years I thought I could share an early impression of one of the robots with you.

This is BIRON (The BIelefeld RObot companiON) in its kitchen. Even though there is still a lot (A LOT!) of research needed to be able to actually have a robot in every home, this capture shows what robots look like that are used to do this kind of research.

So, thank you BIRON!

Uni Bielefeld Construction Site

Uni Bielefeld Construction Site on Flickr.

The new campus in Bielefeld, Germany is one of the biggest construction sites in North Rhine-Westphalia with an investment of over 1 billion €. The panorama was done with hugin from ~10 shots. I still think it is one of the best stitching tools out there and available for linux and mac.