Recap 2018: The Canon G1X mk III

In terms of gear 2018 was an interesting year. I moved to the G1X mk III as “second cam”  (replacing the G9X with 1 inch sensor) and had lots of fun taking photos. I was (actually still am) impressed by the image quality out of this camera. I was looking for a “small” camera that enables me to take it with me without thinking about packing but at the same time I did not want to make a lot of compromises in terms of image quality. This post is supposed to give you an idea about the cam and of course to recap some captures from 2018 at the end of the year.

No Diamond Forever
“Green Ice” 

The first opportunity for the G1X mkIII to shine was the green ice at the Munich Olympic Regatta Center, where after a period of extreme cold weather the sun came out and turned the ice on the water green. 

Nesselwang View
Auto Train From Munich
Auto Train From Munich

After the green ice impressions, the camera accompanied me on a number of short and often spontaneous trips in & around Munich. This included a trip to the Allgäu (via Nesselwang, see above). Finally, due to luggage restrictions, I took the cam with me to New York for a few days. This included a few iconic views of course but also some tricky shooting situations, such as low light hand held (no tripod!) and action street performance.

Fenced NYC View
Fenced NYC View
New York, Aye?
New York, Aye?
Happy Street Performer
Happy Street Performer

Photo enthusiast from Munich, Germany.

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