Sony Z1 compact

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Well, apart from it being waterproof the Xperia Z1 compact does come with a nice camera which also says “20.7MP” on the box. So I went out, took a few shots which all looked very nice and thought: Well done Sony! Once I was back home looking at image on the computer screen I noticed that the pictures were not 20.7MP but rather 8MP. Which is still fine for a smartphone cam.But what about the 20.7MP (which is more than my Canon 6D does)? Well, the chip is capable to produce 20,7MP images. You have to switch to manual mode and you lose (not selectable) all the in camera shooting modulations (like Document, Landscape, Night…) but you can shoot images at this kind of resolution.

The above image is the 8MP version, the below image is the 20.7MP version – both have been processed with noise reduction, sharpening and contrast enhancement.

You might say: “Doesn’t look bad?” but this is only because of the processing. The original 20.7MP image (which I will attach at the end) are in my opinion not directly usable from the phone. In the end I think it is nice to be able to take a high res image when you know that you are going to postprocess a lot anyway. But for +90% of the time I will probably stick to the 8MP resolution. I did not check for the flash problems some people are reporting because I barely use the phone flash and it was mainly reported for the white version of the phone.
After all I still have my QX10 for more zoom and more MP, enjoy!

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