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This post is not about buying or selling a house but locations are important for photographers as well. So how to find good photo spots? Obviously talking to other photographers is always nice but when you moved to a new town or you are about to travel somewhere this is not really feasible.

Something that I like to do is to browse the flickr map to find interesting photos or search for place names on flickr. This works pretty good but there are many other things you can try. G+ added geo tagging to their photo upload not too long ago, there still is picasa and panoramio but at least the last one (used to have?) has a horrible UI and I don’t really want to upload my photos additionally somewhere else.

There are other services available that try to tackle this problem, however, many of them are actually using flickr as a basis. Just a quick overview (which probably is incomplete but you can comment if you think something important is missing):

loc.alize.us comes with a nice (google) map view and offers photo overview with additional tag clouds and user profiles. It is based on flickr and there also have a community there. To be honest I don’t really see a big difference to browsing the flickr map directly but the URL is somewhat “cooler”!?

worldwidephotowalk (sponsored by Canon) has a section for locations as well that lets you search for places or browse via a map. The search is not based on existing data which means that users have to add their “walks” by hand. This results in lesser spots (e.g. only 2 in Munich) but maybe they will improve over time. You actually have to apply to be a leader of a photo walk. I am not sure what you actually have to do for that but you can win stuff.

shothotspot to me looks most promising because they are based on flickr AND panoramio data, use google maps and you can also add additional spots (after you got a login). They also distinguish different types of spots, e.g. wildlife, architecture, people… They have all the tourist spots covered but also some interesting (hidden?!) spots with editable additional infos, picture preview and tag cloud.

Last but not least I want to include photography forums in general, for Germany there is e.g. the DSLR Forum, which often provide special sections for locations. This is interesting because you often get helpful info that is tricky to find out beforehand elsewhere, e.g. shooting conditions (light, people, watchdogs…).

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