The DSC-QX10 Toy

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Finally, as promised, I got me the Sony DSC-QX10!

As I might have mentioned before I am a little excited about the new wireless camera by Sony and I just wanted to quickly give you some first impressions. As you can see below there is actually not much hardware to  talk about. It has no built-in screen or optical view finder. But that is the idea…

For those of you who haven’t heard about the cam: It is explicitly designed to work with a smartphone or tablet (wohoo!) and connects to the device via WLAN. You need the Play Memory App to actually use the cam but the app is free of course. There are some reports that the app is not very stable under iOS but with my android devices it works nice.

I posted an obvious first shot on flickr yesterday but here is the setup shot with a Nexus 7…

and the resulting first shot on the tablet…

One really has to get used to the concept of having the screen separated from the cam. Especially because there is a “trigger” on the device and in the app. You can also zoom (up to 10x) via the device and the app. If you are working with a smartphone than you can use the included clip to attach the cam to the smartphone. But be careful: Sony smartphones have an extra button for the internal cam which will not work (up to now) for the QX10 (but instead will take a crappy pic with the internal cam of the backside of the attached QX10…). If you do not have a micrSD card you can still use the cam. You can transfer the images directly via WLAN – in full res. This of course takes a bit of time. Overall there is some delay with the live view and the transfer but you can downscale the transferred images to 2MP which still is enough for social media and such. With a card you can also take photos without an additional device. But also without seeing what you shoot. This can be interesting and I will try it some time soon. Back to the old days – sort of…

The above image was transferred full res to my smartphone. Without zoom the cam has ok macro functionality (not as good as on a Canon but still ok). Since it is a small high res cam there are also some roboticists already thinking about using the cam – but up to now it is not supported by e.g. gphoto2. However, once the WLAN protocol is known things could speed up. We will see…

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