Online Magazines?

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So, there are a lot of magazines available for us photographers. And I think there is no printed magazine that does not have “stuff” online. But this is not exactly what is meant when saying “online magazine”, right? But as you may also know there are many photo websites/blogs dealing with different topics like journalism, nature photography, travel photography or documentary – you name it.

Some of them focus more on the cameras and gear, like ephotozine or PetaPixel, and some more on the photos, like bigpicture, 1000 words or burnmagazine.

Even though some of them are called “magazine”, they are not necessarily a magazine, which brings me to the point: What is this format “online magazine” really?
I do like the organization of a magazine into “issues” – so this is clearly something the online magazine should keep. And I want to be able to download issues of the “magazine”, so a pdf version would be nice to have. It is also nice to refer to and issues normally have some sort of topic that they try to elaborate on.
This is also an important point: A magazine tries to elaborate! Talking about newer/faster/better/cheaper hardware is not really what I want to read. And, to be honest, whatever they write – dpreview has done it better anyway…

If you can agree with this sort of classification you should probably (if you haven’t done already) check out the following “magazines”:

Blur MagazineFStop Magazine  and one of my favorites: f11 Magazine

But what you absolutely do not want to miss as a nerd photographer is probably the GIMP Magazine, which apart from the magazine itself has lots of tutorials and resources available online. Nice!

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